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SinPak Technologies' Services
SinPak Technologies services are concentrated into six areas that we feel we can service our customers best. These areas are Computers, Software, Networking, Point-Of-Sale, Web Development, and Consulting.

SinPak Technologies has the resources to move computers, peripherals and software easily. Low overhead allows us to deliver our computer products to our customers economically. We are authorized resellers of many name brand PC's and peripherals. Contact us for the latest pricing.
SinPak Technologies has developed several different user friendly software packages, including Visual Membership. Contact us and let us help make your business easier and more profitable.
From connecting a few PC's to connecting multiple sites all around your enterprise. Sinpak Technologies can meet all your networking needs.
Have a store front, business or restaurant and need a quick and easy way to organize and streamline sales. We are authorized resellers of many different POS software; from simple economic stand-alone PC's to Touch Screen systems. Contact us, or continue to our next link to see what we have to offer.
Sometimes the needs of a company demands more than just an out of the box solution. Or your needs are too complex for your in-house staff to accomplish them economically. Sinpak's consulting services can meet your needs. Contact us and see what we have to offer.
Web Development...
SinPak Technologies will work with your organization to help establish or remake your web presence. We can help your organization better organize your intranet to more effectively distribute information.

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